Marriage and Families

Most couples start out on the same journey, hiking the same trail. Once married, things that were cute quircks or idiosyncrasies can become irritants. When a couple feels that they can be open and honest then these "little things" can be worked through and the marriage is headed down a strong path. Other times Satan uses the "litte things" to create a crack in the relationship and the trails begin to seperate. (Now don't y'all go given' the devil a foothold... Ephesians 4:27 DSV) Once there is a crack other things, like friends, job, family, children, hobbies, etc., begin to fill the gap causing it to grow.
I work with families to begin to heal the lines of communication. We work to create change in the way people communicate, so that the many things that have created a crack in a marriage can begin to heal.

Men's Issues

Therapy can have a feminine look and feel to the office and discussions, but not here. 
In my office we will have focused, direct, and practical sessions to right the ship of manhood.


Trauma and PTSD can happen to anyone that has seen, or been part of, things that are not part of a persons daily routine. Sometimes we see &/or hear something that has left a negative wound in us.
I have used EMDR since 2012 to help people separate the event(s) from their emotions. This can give people healing & hope.

Homeschool Families

My wife and I have homeschooled our children since 2010. Therefore, we know first hand many of the specialized challenges that homeschool families face. Not only do the issues listed above come into play, but having the priviledge to teaching children at home brings an additional set of challenges. 
It has come to my attention that there are some families where one spouse does not support the other spouse in the homeschoolong adventure. This topic should be discussed before starting or ending the process of homeschooling.
I work with families as mentioned above and facilitate an environment to avoid giving wounds to the children
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